Halle "Lidner" Bullock (perusalsleuth) wrote,
Halle "Lidner" Bullock

File 004 || Easter

[ As the feed starts, you can see Halle with a different hair style. She's smiling happily like a pretty princess wearing a gown of such buoyancy. Her manner is completely different...it's just like out of a fairy tale. ]

Happy Easter Everyone~ ♥

Isn't it a lovely day today? Today, I found a basket full of sweets. OH~ Thank you very much for such a bounteous gift. My heart is filled with happiness and gratitude.

In exchange, I'll give you a kiss. Please consider it as my thanks, whoever you are~

Please let yourself be known so that I can thank you with all my heart~♥

[ ooc: Yes, this is Halle after getting the pink egg. 8D]
Tags: easter, pink egg
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